Item Syndication is a cloud repository thats holds a 100% up to date copy of your SKU (Stock Keeping Units) and item images. This product information is then shared with your client base for re-use on their websites.

Item Syndication is linked up to your ERP or stock management system and pulls your product information into the cloud and then shares it via a secure encrypted API.

This means, when you update your product information / images or a customers order in your backend systems, it can instantly update your product details and information on servers / systems around the world.

Benefits of Item Syndication

Store All Your Marketing Material / Product Information In Our Cloud

 Link your back-end management systems to our cloud based Item Syndication repository and it will provide access to that information to your vendors, resellers and trade customers. Now your resellers can link their websites to the Item Syndication so that product information and images are pulled from our servers. As soon as you update your product information in your own back-end systems this information will be pushed out to all the connected websites.
 Imagine if next time you decide to update your branding and take new product pictures if you didn't have to ask all your resellers to update their websites. Instead, drop the new images into our syndication feed and instantly update your product images around the globe.

Link your systems with your vendors and resellers

 Imagine if your customers didn't have to pick up the phone or flick you an email to check if a product was in-stock or to get a current price? How much easier would it be for them to check your product info from inside their own system?
 Using our Item Syndication and custom web services its already possible. Your customers, vendors or even third party logistics companies can now easily access crucial time sensitive information from inside their own networks or systems. We can provide information in a variety of formats to cater for any business or internal system.

128 Bit Encryption and User Authentication

 Our Item Syndication Service is encrypted by a 128bit SSL cert to make sure that your information is kept safe.
 For people using the B2B / Trade Cart with user authentication then this can be applied to your Item Syndication. This enables you to provide custom pricing and custom product information to individual customers.

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