To reduce stress on your internal network, data is polled from your systems to our custom ERP manager, which feeds the website. This means if the connection to your office goes down, your website does not.

This turns your website into an extension of your internal systems rather than an independent application which you have to maintain on a regular basis. Never get caught out with incorrect pricing or product information and make sure that stock levels shows on your website are correct at all times.

No more wasting time by receiving your web orders via email and having to manually enter them into your stock management system. Or worse, having to export sales from your shopping cart into excel and then importing them into your stock management system.

Website orders should be handled the exact same way as any other order you receive. As soon as a web order is placed it should be deducted from your available stock in your management system instantly to ensure this stock is sold via another channel before you can load the web orders into your system.

Our Partners

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

 Fully integrated into your back end systems so that orders appear in your stock management system instantly.
 Full integration is available for Dynamics NAV 4.03 and above.
 All main modules have been integrated, Sales & Receivables, Inventory and more.


 Proven accounting and business management software purpose designed for growing New Zealand companies.
 We have recently finished a proof of concept integration and are looking to take on Accredo users.

Microsoft SQL

 All the Acumen Online modules are built with a SQL back-end so you can use any of our apps without integration.
 Get a stand alone shopping cart and website for your business now!

Microsoft Dynamics AX

 We are looking for AX partners and users so we can begin a proof of concept.


 Windows-based, full-featured business management package covering financials, stock, distribution, manufacturing, rentals and job costing/servicing.
 Functional and intuitive layout that reduces the training time needed to take full advantage of the unlimited potential of Propella.

B2B Trading Platform Stats
2016 - present
Total value of all B2B orders
Total number of orders placed
Number of registered B2B users
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Our Soon-To-Be Partners


 We are looking for SAP partners and users so we can begin a proof of concept.


 We are looking for MYOB users so we can begin a proof of concept.


 We are looking for Greentree partners and users so we can begin a proof of concept.


 We are looking for Reckon users so we can begin a proof of concept.

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