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EasyDNN Gallery

Professional DNN Gallery Module

About EasyDNNgallery Module

EasyDNNgallery is an advanced solution for managing and displaying multimedia - images, video and audio files on DNN web sites. The presentation part of the module brings a large number of attractive displays that will fit perfectly into all sorts of web pages. The managing part of the module allows users to add and manage galleries in a simple manner, so even users without previous technical knowledge can use it to maintain their galleries easily.

The module excels at two roles. Its first role is that of a web gallery on presentation web pages maintained by the web master or site owner. The second role refers to community oriented sites, where users can upload their images, comment, rate, share to social networks...

EasyDNNgallery is a product that is constantly being developed for years, and it is used on thousands of web sites around the world. Many options have been implemented in response to needs and suggestions from our users, so altogether the module brings the best solutions in multimedia management and display. EasyDNNgallery - all the more reason for DNN!

Gravity Gallery

Gravity gallery is a next generation gallery. It can be used either as a presentation web gallery or as a community (social) gallery. It is fully responsive and adjusted for displaying on mobile devices' screens. Content can be organized up to four levels. It brings infinite scroll paging and the popular masonry layout. It is integrated with SocialMediaBox. A large number of configuration options lets you adjust the gallery according to your needs. It's up to you to use options such as social sharing buttons, comments, rating, or let the users upload their own items. Engage your users or visitors through this modern gallery.

Chameleon Gallery

Chameleon gallery is a responsive gallery in slideshow style, with support for images, videos and audio files. Lots of configuration options enable you to fine tune your gallery according to your wishes. There are nested galleries, social sharing buttons, opening items in Lightbox, full screen mode and much more. It is compatible with mobile and touch screen devices. It comes equipped with several eye-catching themes. For simple configuration, there are several presets we have prepared for you.

Portfolio Pro Gallery

Portfolio Pro is a gallery display intended to display portfolios, team members and similar categorized content. It provides support for nested galleries, it has an in-built Lightbox and full screen description.

Social Media Box

SocialMediaBox is an advanced Lightbox-like media viewer which brings to DNN the best practices of displaying and sharing images (and other supported multimedia files) in the way you have become familiar with through social networks. Strongly integrated with social features of DNN (6.2 and later), SocialMediaBox enhances the experience of displaying and sharing images to an entirely new level. It will make your social sites more fun to visit, more attractive and more professional, placing users more tightly into social interaction. SocialMediaBox has been developed from scratch by the EasyDNNsolutions team. SocialMediaBox is available in Gravity gallery, Chameleon gallery and Lightbox gallery.

Depending on selected settings, SocialMediaBox makes possible:

  • display of information on the user sharing the images (user's name and avatar)
  • display of image's title and description
  • display of social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest)
  • display of Download button
  • display of Send link button
  • display of gallery images thumbnails
  • option to comment items
  • option to rate items
  • option to Like items

Community (social) galleries with EasyDNNgallery

EasyDNNgallery can be added within the DNN Activity Feed in order to allow users to create and manage their own galleries and social group galleries. It can publish information to Journal on newly added items. Images directly published to Journal via Journal's interface can be loaded into the user's Journal Post gallery (similar to Facebook wall gallery).


Lightbox Gallery

Lightbox Portfolio


Image Slider One

Slideshow With Thumbnails

Slideshow With Thumbnails 2

Slideshow With Thumbnails 3

Advanced Slideshow

Video Gallery

Video Gallery 2 With Images And Thumbnails

Video Gallery 2 With Carousel And Images

Vertical Carousel

Image Carousel

Audio Gallery

Audio Gallery With Thumbnails

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