Improvements added between October 2015 and February 2016
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Improvements added between October 2015 and February 2016

Between October and now, we added some improvements to our websites. You can find more information below about them. Please bear in mind that getting more customization on your website means that we need more time to set it up!


Filter by query string

This new filter will create more physical pages, one for every product, category and feature. It will allow you to use easy to copy query strings e.g. This is fantastic for SEO. It also turns all java script links into html links.
This may require some setup to achieve the best possible SEO result.


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Once this module is on the View A Product page, it will display a list of related products. Each instance of the module can be set to display products by a different relationship, e.g. Features, Categories, Similar Product Code, and Purchased Together. The module can be a horizontal or vertical list.


Ability to make quotes online

You can now add $0 items to cart. The order type becomes quote in your ERP. No Freight charged. No Payment taken. And it appears in transaction log as a Quote.


Edit logins directly in DNN

We have added customer and ship to selection to the standard DotNetNuke user manager. This allows you to create new users online and attach them directly to a customer code in your ERP. If you already have logins in your ERP you will need to untick IncludeInAO on all the logins so that changes in the ERP won’t overwrite your DNN settings.


Edit products directly in DNN

Version 1 of our product editing tool allows you to edit all the standard product attributes e.g., back order enabled, active, stock amount. It also allows you to add full HTML descriptions with the RAD Editor along with product images, categories, features, related products and more. There is also an import CSV function which allows you to upload product changes in bulk.


Replace $0.00 prices with texts / links e.g. Contact Us

If you have products which you have not set prices for in your ERP or that you want to allow people to quote you can new set the text to replace the $0.00.


Auto match product images

We have created a new scheduler which will search your product images folder and find images which contain your product codes in their name. It will set one as the main image. These images can only be edited / disabled inside our online product editor. Just drop your files in the File Manager and you’re away.


Ability to add a watermark

It allows you to add a .bmp file which gets watermarked over all images for your products. It works best with product images which are similar sizes as it doesn't run our auto re size module as this requires an image height setting from a module.


Easily show products by range

You have now the possibility to show a "Range" as a product in search results. The Range name is displayed as the product name and its image is auto selected from one of the sub products.


Ability to search supplier product codes (Currently Accredo Only)

It is now possible to add alternate product codes via the Accredo ICBar table. You can have multiple codes per product. These codes appear in the product drop down list, users can do a full search on these supplier codes. On the view a product page the supplier part codes can also be listed.


MYOB Integration

We have completed a full integration with MYOB in the Cloud, polling products, orders, invoices, custom pricing along with a host of custom settings to allow even greater control of your MYOB web shop.


NAV 2015 Connector

We have just upgraded our NAV 5.0 and 2009 connector to work with NAV 2015.


Un-impersonate Button

A separate DNN module which contains a un-impersonate button which only appears when a user is impersonating.


Anonymous Checkout

Ability for non-logged in / non registered users to still create orders online which pass into your ERP.


Printable View A Product Page

A page with no skin which contains a print button.


Upcoming Improvements (Pre June 2016)

We're now working on the next improvements we can bring you and your websites.


Ability to sort by RRP price

New sort order for our search result module. RRP prices are added to products as they are polled out and each night. These RRP prices are then used to sort the products. This does require you to have our Retail Modules and your B2C user set up correctly e.g. create a customer in your ERP and assign RRP prices to it.


Size / Color / Style Picker

Created for 4 fashion / retail sites we created in the first quarter of 2016. Easily skinable selector which is dynamically added to the view a product page for all products which have features in the correct feature groups.


No More Paging On Search Results

We are replacing our Paging < 1 2 3 ... 7 8 9 > at the bottom of the search results with a reloader the same as facebook uses on its wall. This will automatically add another batch of products to view when you scroll to the bottom of the result list. We will also be introducing XHTML and tokens which will allow you to design your own product results list.


Multiple Filters

We are adding the ability for users to apply multiple filters from the same category, e.g. select multiple colours e.g., blue, red or green hats.


Ability to show blog posts in the search / filter products results

This is a really handy feature for people who have technical products and a little customer education can result in a much large sale. When people begin searching for a product they can see "how to" pages in the results which you can use to list all the other products a user might need. Check out this page.


Barcode Scanning For Mobile Reps

One of our customers has purchased barcode scanners for their mobile reps and made up a sheet with barcode quantities. His reps visit the bulk order page, scan an item at a customer’s site then scan a quantity, it adds a line return and the rep scans the next item, rinse and repeat.



We have finished making an integration with Xtracta which allows us to receive order header and lines for documents which is received via their email service. This allows you to convert email orders directly into web orders via our API.

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