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EasyDNNmailChimp is a module that allows integration of DNN website and popular service for sending newsletters and e-mail marketing MailChimp. Subscribe current DNN users to MailChimp list or use the web form for subscribing and unsubscribing. It has never been easier to send newsletter from DNN website.

Why To Use EasyDNNmailChimp?

Sending newsletters from DNN's can be a problem for several reasons. Due to the large number of sending e-mails to your mail server can end up on black lists for sending spam, even though in fact you do not send spam. Also, sending a large number of e-mails can block mail server. In both these cases, your hosting company will not be happy about it, and they can suspend your account. Using MailChimp you avoid such problems.

The other problem is that the vast majority of e-mails you send will not go through spam filters, but will be recognized as spam. This reduces the effectiveness of each campaign.  MailChimp receives feedback loops from all of the major ISPs, including Yahoo, and is a whitelisted sender where available. MailChimp tracks everything for you: opens, clicks, bounces and forwarded campaigns.

MailChimp Will Help You

  • Build and manage your email list
  • Design HTML email campaigns
  • Send emails with confidence
  • Track your campaign results

EasyDNNmailChimp integrates MailChimp service with DotNetNuke and that way your DotNetNuke portal is getting advanced email campaigns menagment.




In order to use it you must have a MailChimp account (

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