8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Website
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8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Website

Recent studies (here and here) have showed that half of small business owners do not have a website, and that 10% of them don’t even intend to invest in a website anytime soon.

A company website is the storefront of its business. It is relevant for all kinds of companies - B2C, B2B, non-profit, local, global… - and it is a cheap way to grow your business. So why would a company want to miss this opportunity?

Here are 8 reasons that will convince you to have your own professional website.

1. Customers do EXPECT a website.

This is a simple one, and yet not obvious for everyone.

2. Customers are used to access information 24/7.

Unless you are ready to answer the phone 24/7, your website will do the job for you and provide them with all the information they need at all time.

3. It verifies your AUTHENTICITY.

This is the first point of contact for your (potential) customers and first impressions count. A website is your chance to engage with them. If it respects a few simple rules, it can boost your sales even if you’re not selling online.

4. It builds your BRAND and REPUTATION.

Make sure your design, logo, typo, colour code and overall tone reflect who you are as a business because they are all part of your brand identity, and they will help you build brand recognition.

5. It allows you to reach a wider AUDIENCE.

Having a website makes you available to be found through search engines, online reviews, social media… and doesn’t require much effort. It allows you to reach new sales prospects everyday. In other words, no website means less business.

6. It is your TRUST mark.

Having a website makes your business more real for your customers and prospects. It is also a good opportunity to use your customers to refer your business via case studies, testimonials… It allows you to easily get feedback from your audience and tell your prospects about the great experience people have with your company.

7. It helps you provide a better CUSTOMER SERVICE.

There again, if you don’t want to answer the phone 24/7, your website can answer most of your customers questions, especially if you write an FAQ. Setting up a contact form can also reduce the number of phone calls and allow you to answer enquiries when you are available.

8. It is the cheapest and most effective way to market your business

Need I say more?

However, it is important to understand that having a website alone will not magically produce the expected results. Your website needs to PERFORM by attracting visitors, educating them and convincing them to buy. Once turned into a powerful and effective marketing tool, you will be able to get more traffic, more leads and more sales.

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