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How our New App will Benefit your Business

Did you know we have an app too?

It's not often you can get your online portal and app needs taken care off by a single supplier. For less than 10% of the cost of a standard custom built app, Acumen Online now offers you a means to manage your app's content the same way you manage your website and change products, content or workflow at the touch of a button. Now you can reap the benefits of all our unique services through your app; you can choose to either serve up your exact website or have a completely custom portal built.

Push Notifications

The ability of implementing push notifications through an app, provides an instant and direct connection to customers and allows businesses to engage like never before. Sending notifications directly to customers' smartphones provides instant sales opportunities for instant revenue. An excellent benefit is that app notifications can also have actions attached such as auto-order on a product notification (ie. when the product is back in stock), or open tracking URL for delivery updates, resulting in maximum engagement.

Mobile Functionality

A mobile app allows you to access all of your customers' smart phone functionality, this could include features such as barcode scanning, location services and fingerprint sign in. With the use of these functionalities greatly increasing your app's ability to be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Location Services

An incredibly handy mobile functionality is location services. Location services could be implemented in many ways, most notably the customer could be alerted when they are near your store. Using the push notification functionality, when customers are within a radial vicinity of your store or a location of interest your app could notify them prompting them to come in and have look. This could be a very beneficial way to reach customers and encourage them to visit a physical location.

Barcode Scanning

The ability to use the customers' phone camera for barcode scanning easily allows product searching and re-ordering. Acumen Online offers two options for barcode scanning the Cognex Mobile Barcode SDK and ZXing "Zebra Crossing" Barcode Scanning. Both options are able to read multiple types of barcodes. Cognex is our paid option, it offers many applications for a range of industries but most importantly it is very useful for stock taking which is vital for any e-commerce business. ZXing is an open source barcode image processing library that is used by thousands of companies across the globe, being arguably the most used barcode image processing library in the world.

Fingerprint Sign In

Fingerprint sign in provides an easier and faster way for customers to access their account. With a fingerprint system customers no longer need to remember long passwords or struggle to find ways to keep their passwords safe, allowing you to save time and effort with dealing with customers that can not remember their login. Fingerprint sign in is extremely secure and a great option for fast and reliable sign in.

Greater User Experience

In addition to this, customers are familiar with their smartphones, this means that they know how get to the products they want in just a few taps. They can also share their purchases through social media apps easier when they are already using their phone to browse your store. A mobile platform simply provides excellent customer experience. They are fast, simple and convenient to use and the easier the buying process the greater the revenue.

Check below for some screenshot examples of a couple of apps on our platform, and remember to call Hamish now to receive a free scope.

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